The Night Noir bridle is so beautiful and unique a bridle. It is handmade in top quality eco friendly leather.

The bridle has the most amazing super wide noseband! It is made with super soft padding and gives a stunning look on your horse. The noseband is more narrow in the ends at the bit, so there is plenty of space for the bit and the surrounding nerves.

The neckstraps is anatomic shaped with cutback behind the ears and a large contactsurface. The larger contactsurface helps minimize pressure on the poll. Furthermore we have put twice as much padding inside the neckstrap as normal, so it is super soft and gives an optimal pressure relief. This neckstrap may be the softest neckstrap you ever felt!

No reins are included.


Vekt 0.000 kg
Dimensjoner 0000 × 0000 × 0000 cm





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